Sven Mannak is a game designer and UI artist currently living in Hoorn, the Netherlands.

He graduated from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam with a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, Game Design. During this time Sven started a small development group with classmates. Together they have participated in several game jams and have also released two mobile games.

During Sven’s final year at school, he started his own game development company called Two Thumbs. Together with a classmate they would develop mobile games. They would both complete their final internship in this company. Sven’s main role in this company was both game designer and game artist. From writing game design documents and balancing games to creating characters, worlds and UI, everything was handled by Sven.

After graduating, both Sven and his associate would continue working in Two Thumbs for over a year, until the dissolution in september 2015.

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